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How To Get Started

Transforming lives, one child at a time.

Provide a ray of hope

Complete and return the Foster Application (below), including the criminal history forms for all family members 14 years of age and older to our office. Simply click the link to get a copy or you can contact the office in your area to request an application packet.

Application For Foster Parents (English)

Application For Foster Parents (Spanish)

Angelheart will provide you with community related resources for training, as well as training facilitated by the Angelheart Staff.

Foster Parent Requirements

Prior to being considered as an Angelheart Foster Parent –

You must be:

  • 25 years of age or older
  • A Texas resident
  • Married at least 1 year (if married) or divorced or widowed at least 1 year (if divorced or widowed)
  • Healthy, responsible and mature, capable of meeting the special needs of children in care

You must have:

  • Dependable transportation
  • An available bedroom of at least 80 square feet for the foster child
  • A negative T.B. test

You must not:

  • Have a criminal record
  • Have a history of abusing children
  • Be dependent on the income from being a foster parent to support yourself and your family

You must also:

Angelheart Values Foster Families

Angelheart offers a wide variety of programs to help ensure the children in care are adequately provided for.

Advisory Meetings

  • Quarterly, collaborative meetings with Families and Administrative staff.


  • At Angelheart, we feel that a team approach is vital to the success of the children in foster placement with the focus on the family as the central unit.

Emergency Assistance

  • An on call worker is available 24 hours a day. Families are provided with the contact information for all Administrative staff.

Respite Assistance

  • Angelheart has a respite policy for foster parents to be reimbursed for taking a needed break. The respite reimbursement policy is calculated on the number of children in your home and based on a 48 hour break. The first child is reimbursed at $75.00, every child thereafter is reimbursed at $25.00 per child.


  • Reimbursement is 40 cents per mile for travel as defined in our foster parent handbook.

Extra Curricular Activities Assistance (Not day to day expenses)

  • This is provided for children in care who are involved in extra curricular activities such as sports, social clubs and other organizations. This assistance is meant for significant costs that are involved with such activities. For example, if a child became a cheerleader and the camps and uniforms were $1000.00, then the agency would provide assistance for this activity.


  • Our goal as an agency is to provide strong clinical support to families. Angelheart is also committed to ensuring that our Case Managers are accessible to foster families to ensure that all aspects of quality care are being obtained.

Reimbursement Rates

In order to meet the needs of children in care, foster parents are partially reimbursed monthly for expenses of children in care. The reimbursement is to pay for clothing, food, shelter, recreation, etc. Daily rates are based on the levels of care which are determined by specific behaviors of the child or youth.