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Happy Holidays!!!

The holidays are often very emotionally stressful for foster children.  Some are missing their birth families, and for others the holidays symbolize traumatic events in their lives, rather than good memories.  Here are some tips to helping your foster children create new memories this holiday season:

  1. Talk about how your family celebrates the holidays. Talking about the holidays gives children time to anticipate the upcoming activities and ask questions.
  2. Much of what we assume to be commonplace can be new to the children you foster. Share the religious meanings the holidays may have for your family.
  3. Talk about your family’s specific customs and activities.
  4. Use this time of sharing to learn especially about the religious beliefs, customs, and activities that the children you foster experienced in their own homes.
  5. Allow the children to teach and share with  you there customs and traditions.  Try to incorporate at least some of their traditions into your traditions.

We hope to see you all at the Angelheart Christmas Party on December 19th!!!!

Merry Christmas from the Angelheart staff!!!!